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News: Reservation Request Directions

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1/12/2017 12:00:00 AM   

1.) Each Facility request should be for one location if it is a recurring event.  One Day events for multiple fields at one park may be on one request. Start by selecting your desired location.

2.) Next enter your first start date and time. If this is a recurring event on the same days and times then click the box that says recurring. This will allow you to determine which days of the week your event will recur on. For instance a Weekly event on Monday-Friday from 2-6pm will require you to click recurring, and then the boxes that indicate Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Differences in time will be done as adding an additional date, which we will talk about below.

3.) If you are only looking for a few dates (under 5) at this location you may find it easier to enter them as additional dates instead of recurring.

4.)Requests should be done in 2 hour increments. (This does not apply to any location at Cawley Stadium Complex or the Shedd Pavilion which will continue to be 4 hour increments.) Requests can be made in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 hour blocks, as long as it is an even amount of hours, and the location can be permitted for the amount of hours you want. For instance 8am-12pm, or 9am -7pm are acceptable blocks. However 2-5pm does not work since it is a 3 hour increment.

**Please over request time if needed and we will cut back your request when we are approving the permit. For instance 2-5pm will be requested as 2-6pm and we can make the change on our end at the time of approval if needed.

5.) Once you click next you will be brought to a page to see your dates and times that you have requested to this point. Please review your requested information and remove any dates that are incorrect. If you need to add additional dates you can click that link now. 

6.) At this point you will be able to enter any dates that you either forgot to enter, or are in a different time frame from your previous listed dates. For instance if I need to add Saturdays from 8am-8pm I can do that now since it was not consistent with the recurring times I used above.

**Also be aware that the system allows requests for one year at a time. You may enter fall dates if needed, but cannot extend requests past the one year point through December of the current year. Requests that extend into the following year will have those dates removed, and would need to be resubmitted in January.

7.) Under the listed dates you will be able to review the contact information, and a purpose of the event is required to continue the reservation request. Additional info and a head count are also requested, but not required.

8.) At the bottom of the request is a link for the rules and regulations, and the policies for permit use. Please review prior to submitting your request. It is your responsibility to follow these conditions.

9.) Once you submit you will receive an email from the Recreation Department with a full copy of your permit request. You may print your request, or go to your account main page and click on reservations to see requests, as well as any previously approved permits.

10.) Once the Recreation office addresses your request you will receive another email about the status of the request. This may indicate it has been declined, approved, or held. If it is declined you would need to submit a new request for new dates or times.

11.) If your request is approved then you will need to pay the fee prior to printing your permit, if there is a fee determined according to the City Ordinances. If there is no fee then you will be able to print your permit from your account once it is approved. Payments must be made directly through your account with a credit card. Once payment is received you will be able to print your permit directly from your account. Please have your permit on site at your event.

12.) If the dates have been held then we are still processing the availability to determine if those dates and times are in conflict with other events. Once a determination is made you will receive another email once it is either approved or declined. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT A HELD DATE MAY REQUIRE YOU TO ATTEND A BOARD OF PARKS MEETING.  PLEASE READ YOUR EMAIL COMPLETELY TO BE AWARE OF WHEN THAT DATE OCCURS.  FAILURE TO SHOW FOR A BOARD MEETING MEANS THAT YOUR REQUEST WILL BE DENIED.