Please Read The Following Terms, Conditions, and Release Carefully

By enrolling yourself and/or any household members, you agree to the following Terms, Conditions, and Releases ("DISCLAIMERS"):

I understand that the City of Lowell ("CITY") does NOT provide accident or insurance coverage for participants in any sports, recreational activities, or programs ("PROGRAM" or "PROGRAMS"). I understand that all PROGRAM participants are advised to have their own personal insurance coverage.

I understand that I should carefully consider the participant's own health, experience, and tolerance for risk before participating in any PROGRAM. I understand that participants are encouraged to meet with their physician(s) and to receive appropriate medical clearance prior to enrolling in any PROGRAM to ensure they are able to safely participate.

I understand there may be risks of property damage, physical injury, or death in participating in PROGRAMS, and I UNDERSTAND THAT PARTICIPATION IN ALL PROGRAMS IS CONDUCTED AT THE PARTICIPANT'S OWN RISK.

I understand that individual PROGRAMS may have their own additional disclaimers and/or requirements ("DISCLAIMERS") in addition to this DISCLAIMER and which may vary from PROGRAM to PROGRAM. I understand that compliance with all DISCLAIMERS must be met in order to enroll and participate in the PROGRAM.

I understand that participation in a PROGRAM requires that one abide by all local, state, and federal laws. I understand that participants in a PROGRAM must comply with the lawful directives of any CITY employee, official, agent, or representative. I understand that in the event of an emergency the CITY may cancel or order the cessation of any PROGRAM, without notice.

I hereby release the CITY, its employees, officials, agents, and representatives from any and all liability resulting from any personal injury, loss, damage to personal property, or accident that may occur, or which my child or I may experience, either during the course of this PROGRAM or in connection with PROGRAMS sponsored by the CITY, or resulting from the falsification of any information submitted regarding my child.

I hereby consent and give permission to emergency medical treatment or procedures deemed advisable for my child in the event I cannot be reached and my child has sustained an injury, by qualified medical personnel.

I hereby consent to the use of my or my child’s voice, video, photo, appearance, artwork, etc. which may be captured while participating in any PROGRAM by the CITY for fliers, presentations, or other promotional material for the CITY, including but not limited to the CITY'S website(s), brochures, video or televised programming.

I hereby consent to receive communications from the CITY, via email, text, phone, and/or cell phone, as appropriate.

I understand that these DISCLAIMERS may change from time to time, without notice, and at the CITY'S sole discretion.

If you do not fully agree to the above DISCLAIMERS, all of which are required for participation in a PROGRAM, then please DO NOT enroll yourself or a household member into a PROGRAM.